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Small Bites of Sacramento History

In 2007 retiring City Historian James E. Henley recorded fifty-five video segments on Sacramento history topics. Mr. Henley retired in October 2007 after nearly forty years as Manager of the Center for Sacramento History.

  1. Rechanneling the American River
  2. Why the Railroad Started from Sacramento
  3. Why Sacramento was Located Here
  4. Transportation Issues
  5. The Neighborhoods
  6. Sacramento Place Names
  7. How Sacramento Got Its Name
  8. Why I-5 Was Placed Where It Is
  9. The Politics of Redevelopment
  10. Culture of Redevelopment
  11. Almost Sacramento History
  12. How Old Sac Came To Be
  13. The Power of the Press
  14. The Other Side of the Rivers
  15. Floods, Fires and Disease
  16. The California State Fair
  17. Victory Garden
  18. Shopping on K Street
  19. The Military Story and Defense Industry
  20. Rancho Seco
  21. SMUD and Silver Creek
  22. Sacramento Radio
  23. Sacramento Television
  24. County Records
  25. The McClatchy Collection
  26. KCRA Film Collection
  27. The Hepting Collection
  28. The McCurry Collection
  29. The Growth of Historical Groups, Festivals & Parades
  30. The Knot Hole Gang
  31. Max Baer and Eleanor McClatchy
  32. Creating a Park and Recreation Program
  33. Significant Local Personalities
  34. The Sacramento County Historical Society
  35. The Sacramento Society of California Pioneers
  36. Sacramento Trust for Historic Preservation
  37. S.O.C.A. Sacramento Old City Association
  38. Native Sons & Daughters of the Golden West
  39. Bull & Bear Fights to Monster Trucks
  40. The Sacramento Colonies
  41. The Pullman Strike
  42. The Architects Collections – McCabe, Devine, Dean & Dean
  43. The End of Riverboats
  44. Jim Henley’s Introduction to Old Sac
  45. The Birth of Modern California
  46. Agriculture, Commerce & Industry
  47. The City Cemetery
  48. The James Butler Story
  49. Katherine Kitchen
  50. John Sutter, Jr.
  51. John Sutter, Jr. Established Sacramento City
  52. Almost History: The Charlatans
  53. The Jack Irwin Story
  54. The Dunlap Exhibit
  55. The Great Maneuvers