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Internship Program

Lola Aguilar

The Center regularly seeks currently enrolled graduate students for internships. The Center’s Internship Program is aimed at providing students with practical archival or museum collections experience to help them throughout their career in the archives, public history, or museum fields. Due to the Center’s small staff and limited number of internships, the application process is competitive. 

The Center has six possible areas of focus for internships:

  • Archival Processing Internship
  • Historic Images Internship
  • Museum Collections Internship
  • Curatorial Internship
  • Archives Inventory Internship
  • Artifact Inventory Internship

Archival internships can also include reference work if desired. A descriptive summary of the above listings, including expected duties and required skills, can be found in the Center’s Volunteer and Intern Handbook (pdf) (see pages 8-9). 

How to Apply

To apply, send a cover letter, resume, and completed Intern Application (pdf) to or the Center's address below.


Applications will be reviewed by appropriate CSH staff members, who will then contact the applicant to arrange an interview. During the interview, the interviewer(s) and the applicant will discuss goals, work plans, and expectations; be introduced to the staff; and take a tour of the Center. CSH staff will contact the interviewee within one week of the interview to confirm internship status.

Once selected, interns will be assigned a supervisor from the Center’s staff. Together, a project or work plan will be finalized, and a work schedule set. The supervisor will serve as the intern’s primary contact with the Center.

If you have additional questions about the Internship Program, please email or call (916) 808-7072.