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Volunteer Program

The Center accepts volunteers on an ongoing basis. Volunteers assist staff members with various projects, such as cataloging and processing, photography and scanning, and research and reference. Prospective volunteers with experience working in museums, libraries, or archives are encouraged to apply, however the Center considers all interested applicants.  

The Center’s Volunteer and Intern Handbook (pdf) contains a detailed list of volunteer positions and skill requirements, CSH policies, and the Volunteer’s Code of Ethics. Volunteer applicants are encouraged to read the Handbook before applying. 

Due to the Center’s small staff, limited volunteer openings, and required skills, not every applicant is placed. Applications will be kept on file for one year for future consideration as openings occur. 

How to Apply

Marilyn Fuqua

Interested applicants should complete a Volunteer Application (pdf). Completed applications can be emailed to or mailed to the Center at the address below.

Applications will be reviewed by the Volunteer Coordinator and appropriate Center staff members, taking into consideration current needs and openings. During the interview, the interviewer(s) and the applicant will review the applicant’s skill set, discuss goals, work plans, and expectations; be introduced to the staff; and take a tour of the Center. The Volunteer Coordinator will contact the interviewee within one week of the interview to confirm volunteer status.


Once selected to begin volunteering, you will be assigned a supervisor from the Center’s staff. Together, a project or work plan will be finalized, and a work schedule set. The supervisor will serve as the volunteer’s primary contact with the Center.

If you have additional questions about the Volunteer Program, please email or call (916) 808-7072 and ask to speak to the Volunteer Coordinator.