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2012 – Revolution, Reaction, Reform in History

The 2012 Sacramento County History Day (SCHD) competition was held on Saturday, March 3rd at Rosemont High School. Photographs of the event can be found here.

For a list of 2012 state qualifiers and special award winners, visit here.

You may also view 2012 SCHD projects and state qualifiers/alternates by visiting the following:

2-Dimensional Displays



Papers – Junior Category
The Cultural Revolution of China: Annihilating Culture Through Political and Class Struggle (pdf) by Wendy Wang 
The Steam Engine and How it Revolutionized Modern Power (pdf) by Henry Ankhelyi
*Toby Johnson: The Man, the School and the Legacy (pdf) by Abigail Taylor

Papers – Senior Category
The Whiskey Rebellion: Is “a little rebellion a good thing?” (pdf) by Laura Farris
Revolutionizing Medicine: John Gibbon’s Heart-Lung Machine (pdf) by Anne Sompayrac
The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire: The Reaction and Reform (pdf) by Isabella Martinez
*Leaving Behind More Than Footprints: The Revolutionary Alliance Between John Muir and Theodore Roosevelt and the Lasting Reform on the United States Conservation Movement (pdf) by Sierra Wentz

Websites – Junior Individual
The 1979 Iranian Revolution: “And the Chain Reaction Continues” by Shreya Sahoo
Jackie Robinson: Color in Baseball by Seth Patterson
*The Miracle in Lake Placid: How a Hockey Game Changed a Nation by Evan Norris

Websites – Junior Group
American Reaction to “the Reds” by Ramya Singamsetty & Saachi Sikaria
Revolutionizing Religion: The Printing Press’s Impact on Colonial America by Sam Basilio, Stanley Ou, Isabelle Samosa, & Brandon Charriere
*Woodstock ’69: The Festival that Revolutionized Pop Culture by Alyssa Wang, Olivia Chaikin, Emma Jorgensen, & Gehena Grish

Websites – Senior Individual
Chinese Cultural Revolution: Impact on Politics, Culture, and Economics by Ruigi Mao

Websites – Senior Group
The Treaty of Versailles: Revolution, Reaction and Reform by Shyamal Buch & Paul Kasrazadeh
Dorothea Dix: Defending the Defenseless by Amit Talreja &Timothy Rupasinghe
The Nazi Revolution: The Facts about the People by Jose de Jesus Rivas-Garcia, Heather Manzanares, Hoang Tran, Marc Smith, & Anastasia Kazak
*A Self Sufficient Strive: The Indian Green Revolution by Valmik Karam & Sameer Shishpal Rawat