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2013 – Turning Points in History: People, Ideas, Events

The 2013 Sacramento County History Day (SCHD) competition was held on Saturday, March 9th at Inderkum High School. Photographs of the event can be found here.

For a list of 2013 state qualifiers and alternates, visit here (pdf).

You may also view 2013 SCHD projects and state qualifiers/alternates by visiting the following:

2-Dimensional Displays



Papers – Junior Category
Changes Brought About in Political and Military Foreign Policy as a Result of the Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (pdf) by Gautam Pradeep 
The Economic Impacts of the TransContinental Railroad on the U.S. (pdf) by Evan Shen
The Montgomery Bus Boycotts (pdf) by Audrey Booth

Papers – Senior Category
Rachel Carson and Environmentalism (pdf) by Sophie Kershaw
Impacts of the Funk Art Movement (pdf) by Jacqueline Holben
Art Saves: How Dorothea Lange Used Photography to Ameliorate the Lives of Okie Migrants During the Great Depression (pdf) by Sara Warady
The Chicago Haymarket Riot and its Influence in American Labor (pdf) by Melisa Linenberger

Websites – Junior Individual
The Great Potato Famine: A Turning Point in Irish History by Zainab Abadin
A Revolution in Earthquake Science by Tatiana Elliott-Beckett
*Penicillin: A Miracle Drug by Nisha Kyathsandra

Websites – Junior Group
Operation Crossroads: Ushering in the Atomic Age by Alyssa M. Wang & Mina Nur Basmaci
Franz Joseph Haydn: Turning Music Upside-Down by Zoie Q. Bang & Amber S. Tran
*The Manhattan Project by Eashaan Katiyar, Hersh Joshi, & Sagar Roy

Websites – Senior Individual
The Battle of Midway: The Beginning of the End of Japan's Pacific Dominance by Ismael Abadin
Transistors That Revolutionized the Electronic Industry by Timothy Rupasinghe
The Discovery of Insulin - The Miracle Hormone for Diabetics by Judith Rupasinghe

Websites – Senior Group
A Fuel for the Pancreas: Insulin by Hersh Pathak & Jasmanbir Singh
Japanese-American Internment Camps in Sacramento - Then and Now by Abigail Starkovich, Kristen Burr, Stephen Sleeper, Brendan Grace, & Jordan Ferguson

*indicates alternate