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Play Time: Historical Toys and Contemporary Art

Exhibition: Cases I - IV
Location: Sacramento International Airport - Terminal B
Exhibition Dates: November 20, 2008 - January 16, 2009
Announcement: Invitation (pdf)

Play Time #05Through five thematic cases at the terminal, this exhibition featured toys from the Center's collections. Items exhibited included dolls, children's games, cowboy outfits, a train set, a miniature sewing machine, and an 1890s cast iron hook and ladder fire engine pulled by animated horses. The exhibited toys came from the Bion Gregory Collection, the James E. Henley Collection, and Eleanor McClatchy Collection.

This exhibition was presented by the Sacramento Metropolitian Arts Commission and the Center for Sacramento History; curated by Lisa C. Prince and Bryanna Ryan.

1968: It Happened Here

Exhibition: Panels I - VI; Cases I - III
Location: Sacramento History Museum
Exhibition Dates: October 29, 2008 - June 1, 2009
Announcement: Invitation (pdf)

What events in Sacramento reflected the turbulent times in 1968 America? How did area leaders and citizens respond and react to the pressures for change in that pivotal year? This exhibit examines the ways in which Sacramentans actively participated in the momentous events that transformed American society.

"... a year marked by violence, tension, and an ever-growing generation gap."
Sacramento Bee, December 29, 1968

1968: It Happened Here (Panels) #03The momentous events of 1968 rocked the foundations of American society. In Sacramento, citizens witnessed and took part in the sometimes violent push for change. Anti-war protests increased as the conflict in Vietnam raged on. Anger over racial and economic inequality resulted in violence on campuses, city streets, and picket lines. Counter-culture movements challenged the dominant political order in an election year that saw two popular leaders assassinated. In spite of the turmoil, or because of it, area leaders and citizens actively participated in attempts to remake a better city, a more equal nation, a safer world.

This exhibition was presented by the Sacramento History Museum and the Center for Sacramento History; curated by Lisa C. Prince.

The Final Odyssey of Robert F. Kennedy

Exhibition: Part I; Part II; Part III; Part IV
Location: Center for Sacramento History
Exhibition Dates: October 17, 2008 - June 1, 2009
Reception: October 17, 2008
Announcement: Invitation (pdf); Press Release (pdf)

Commemorating the forty-year anniversary of the 1968 presidential election, this photographic exhibition focuses on Robert F. Kennedy's California campaign stops in the Sacramento region, the last of which was just days before he was fatally shot after declaring victory in the California primary.

"I run for the presidency because I want the United States to stand for hope, for the reconciliation of men, for new policies."
Senator Robert F. Kennedy, March 16, 1968

During the 1968 presidential election year, winning the California primary was crucial in order to gain the Democratic nomination. Robert F. Kennedy ran a vigorous campaign here, visiting the capital city of Sacramento on three different occasions. Kennedy connected with crowds at every stop promising hope for a nation weary of war, escalating violence, and poverty.

Final Odyssey of RFK #21On June 4th after narrowly defeating Senator Eugene McCarthy in the California Democratic primary, Kennedy was shot and killed at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles. Sorrow, shock and concern marked the world's response and Americans were left to wonder what tragedy would strike next. In the Sacramento Bee, citizens voiced their disbelief and horror. When asked who she would vote for in the presidential election after voting for Kennedy in the primary, one woman answered, "Nobody. I'll forget about it. There's nobody left."

Gone was the charismatic leader who had earlier proclaimed, "At stake is not simply the leadership of our party or even our country - it is the moral leadership on this planet."

This exhibition was presented by the Center for Sacramento History; curated by Lisa C. Prince and Rebecca Crowther.

Visitor Comments

"Thank you for this moving exhibition! I was 13 years old when I saw RFK at Florin Center. To this day I remember his words. In speaking about our troops in Vietnam he asked, "Which of them might have found a cure for cancer? Or played in a world series? Or taught a child to read?"

"Thank you for providing the opportunity to look back to a critical chapter in American history ... moreover here in Sacramento. I remember so clearly of the day at Florin Mall and shaking the hand of Bobby Kennedy."

"Brings back memories of the world that could have been. Thank you for preserving history."

"You have fulfilled a lifelong dream! I was there in 1968 at the train station when my hero delivered his speech. I stood by his side and I always said I would someday track down a photo of that awesome experience. Thank you so much for what you do. Now I have something to share with my 14 year-old son!"

"The photo exhibit is a unique collection which I hope will be preserved for future access. The political history of Sacramento is a telling indicator of the state’s development - our residents, values, culture. Thank you for your important work."

"Very impressed with the memories that get sparked by seeing pictures of the RFK events captured. Thanks for sharing."

Sacramento Made: From the Heart of California

Exhibition: Cases I - X
Location: Sacramento International Airport - Terminal B
Exhibition Dates: July 25, 2008 - October 29, 2008
Announcement: Invitation (pdf)

Sacramento Made #06A special exhibition of historic artifacts highlighting the variety of manufacturers and merchants that operated in the Sacramento region. Featured were area breweries, coffee grinders, druggists, fruit crate label makers, grocers, and others. The exhibited artifacts came from the Norman Lauppe Collection, the Jim Lee Collection, the Eleanor McClatchy Collection, and the Louis Stein Collection; as well as the private collections of the Setzer Family and the Kassis Family.

This exhibition was presented by the Sacramento Metropolitian Arts Commission and the Center for Sacramento History; curated by Lisa C. Prince and Marcia Eymann.